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    Complement your pride and joy with a beautiful custom

    pinstripe design.


     Old school hand painted signs to reflect your high standard for a quality product.


    A collection of my pinstriping 

    Shoebox 1
    Shoebox 3
    Shoebox 2
    55 Fairlane 3
    55 Fairlane 2
    55 Fairlane
    Viceroy 1
    Viceroy 3
    Viceroy 2
    Les Paul GOLD
    Les Paul Casino Worn
    D Bass PBJ
    56 Beetle
    56 Beetle 1
    56 Beetle 2
    Kurt 1
    Kurt 3
    Leon Bollee 2
    Leon Bollee 3
    Bolt bike
    Bolt Yamaha 2
    Gretsch case
    Gretsch back
    Mercer type 35
    63 Holden van
    63 Holden van 2
    63 Holden van 3
    Harley n 13
    Harley n 13 2
    Harley n 13 3
    Vette 5
    Vette 2
    Vette 4
    Vette 3
    Rays truck 1 - Copy
    Rays truck 2 - Copy
    Rays truck 4 - Copy
    PbJ Harley 9 2020
    Gold scroll
    Gold scroll 2
    web pic PbJ - Copy
    body - Copy
    Bryce 1
    Zundapp 2
    board f - Copy
    board 3 f - Copy
    Blue Harley 7 - Copy
    Blue Harley 4 - Copy
    Blue Harley 8 - Copy
    Harley tank 3
    Harley kustom
    51 Ford Victoria 2 - Copy
    51 Ford Victoria 4 - Copy
    Pinstriping by Julz 24k gold
    PT Cruiser
    PT Cruiser bonnet
    Electric guitar 2
    Electric guitar
    Harley 2013
    bike 2 JULZ
    pinstripe by JULZ
    bike1 JULZ
    bike 3 JULZ
    air filter 1
    1980 Bentley 3
    64' Ford Thunderbird
    64' Ford Thunderbird D
    TIKI 1
    Helmet back
    Helmet side
    Air cleaner B
    Guitar front
    Guitar back


    A collection of my hand painted lettering

    34 delivery van
    34 delivery
    34 delivery pin
    Chalkhorse 3
    Chalkhorse 2
    CAFE sign
    The Watering hole 2
    The Watering Hole
    Caveman 1
    caveman 4
    Caveman 2
    Caveman 3
    Coffin bike
    Coffin tank
    Noel 2
    float front
    closeup float - Copy
    float back
    La Charra 1
    Indian bike sign
    Jailbar 2
    Tank 1 - Copy
    Tank 2 - Copy
    Horse float
    Horse float 2
    Horse float 3
    Aloha sign 2
    Fin & tonic Ian
    Harley panel - Copy
    Goldleaf sign - WS
    Goofy 2 - Copy
    Doors from a 55' FJ Holden
    lucky13 door
    The Mare outside
    The Mare 6
    The Mare 5
    The Mare 3
    The Mare
    door panel
    truck scroll squ LESS - Copy
    Kombi 1
    Kombi 6
    Kombi 7
    coupe 2 - Copy
    saw 3
    2 - Copy
    10 - Copy
    Monbulk Flowers
    Nevs Garage
    Esky Ratfink A
    Esky front
    FORD handsaw 2 - Copy



    I started out my signwriting career in a 4 year apprenticeship in the 1990's with Midwest Signs located in Orange, NSW, Australia.

    I enjoyed a number of years working on signs for large corporation clients like Coca - Cola and Carlton United Breweries right through to small hand painted property signs for local farmers.  Later moving to Melbourne, VIC to expand my career in the field of Graphic Arts, Pinstriping and Scroll work. 

    I feel honoured to be able to keep the tradition of this vintage craft alive and enjoy every day that I get to hold a brush & can of enamel paint in my hands.


    Sign installer, sign frame fabricator, mechanic, accountant and coffee maker.

    His very handy with the welder and loves nothing better than tinkering in the shed on old cars in his spare time.



    Signwriting today with the norm being vinyl lettering and vehicle wraps has along the way lost it’s human touch and tends to have a generic look about it. So if you are after a unique sign for the man cave, a beautiful property sign or a professional/ tradesperson who wants to echo their quality and craftsmanship I recommend using traditional methods of signwriting, as it is a wonderful alternative and a worthy means of creating a bespoke tailor made sign that stands the test of time, and will no doubt become a cherished item for years to come. 



    A specialised and unique art form. Pinstriping can commonly be seen on custom build hot rods, classic cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, horse floats and just about anything else you can imagine. The sleek flowing lines of pinstriping was pioneered back in the early 1950’s by the likes of Kenneth Howard (Von Dutch), Dean Jeffries and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. This was the beginning of the Kustom Kulture lifestyle which has been popular ever since. So why not complement your pride & joy with some beautiful one off pinstripe designs or maybe some custom lettering, scrolls and lines are in order to advertise your business and set you apart from the crowd.


    Factory pic 2 Mar20 LoR.jpg


    Julz Neville


    13/24 Bormar Drive, Pakenham

    3810 VIC




    3791 VIC


    0408 979 681

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